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Parking in Palm Harbor is as much of a concern as in any other city and it is disappointing that unlawfully parked vehicles also need tow.

Palm Harbor Towing serving is accessible 24/7 to tow unlawfully parked or abandoned cars from anywhere in the Palm Harbor area. Palm Harbor Towing serving partners with property management and security companies, traffic enforcement, and emergency responders to easily clear vehicles that violate parking laws or infringe personal property.

Can I be towed from the parking lot of a closed business?

In opposition to what a few people think, parking garages stays as a private property outside of typical business hours. At the point when a land owner has an agreement with a towing company, unapproved vehicles can be towed at any moment. Land owners are worried about liability problems, and they likewise need to stop seeing vehicles parked overnight in their properties. A few people likewise accept that vehicles can't be towed until the land owner demands the tow. That is absolutely wrong. Towing companies are allowed to patrol lots according to their own arrangement with the owner of the land.

Do I get money if you tow my junk car?

Indeed. Palm Harbor Towing of will tow your junk vehicle to a scrap yard, and you will get all benefits from the offer of the scrap's sale after we deduct our service charge. Before we tow your vehicle we will negotiate all service costs with you.

Can you tow an abandoned car off my property?

Palm Harbor Towing of may but you should first check with the authorities for your own safety. The law of removing a privately owned abandoned car can be very complicated. To make sure you have done your due diligence in telling the owners that their car will be towed if they don't remove it, you have to review the city and state rules. On the off chance that you don't do the due diligence, you can end up being sued by the owner later on for unlawfully towing their vehicle.

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