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Not all vehicles are made the same, and not all vehicles are ought to be towed in a similar way. Much of the time, a traditional tow truck is absolutely sufficient for the job, however, Palm Harbor Towing serving Palm Harbor, FL offers flatbed towing for when a customary tow truck just won't do.

My car is all-wheel-drive. Does it require a flatbed tow truck?

No. No. Yet again, if you tow it with the drive wheels on the ground you risk major damage to your car. It can be pulled at low speeds for very short distances in an emergency but the safest alternative is still a flatbed tow truck. The reliability in your car obviously isn't worth taking chances.

Is towing rough on my car?

Everything depends on the vehicle's make and model. Many vehicles can be securely pulled to the ground on their wheels. However, if you really don't know for sure if you can easily tow your car on that, it's usually a safer idea to only call for a flatbed.

My car is lowered. Can it be towed safely?

Yes a smaller vehicle can be easily towed. But again the best option is a flatbed. Flatbed tow trucks have really near horizontal ramps so there shouldn't be a challenge getting the lowered vehicle onto the flatbed.

Can you tow motorcycles?

Yes, motorcycle can be mounted securely on a flatbed.

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Do you have the best possible gear to transform it? That is, a jack to lift the vehicle, a drag wrench to unscrew and re-screw the tire and an extra tire to supplant the level one. Regardless of whether you have the hardware there is as yet the topic of how certain you are in transforming it yourself. Do you realize where to put the jack? Is the extra tire still in great condition (loaded up with air and without rust)? Furthermore, would you say you are sure about your capacities to unscrew the carries and afterward re-screw them firmly enough to get to the closest specialist?
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